Knitwear manufacturer

We produce sweaters and other products from the knitting yarn. Many years of activity gives us the necessary experience to meet even the most demanding projects. We use yarn from Polish producers, but we also import yarn from abroad therefore we have a wide range of raw materials to meet the requirements of our clients. Depending on the yarn and the machines used we can achieve fashionable and unique designs.

We have reached the leadership position on the knitting market thanks to many years of hard work, innovative approach, original projects and listening to the needs of our customers. We are able to realize any project, from thick and warm sweater coat through cardigans, ductile top, as well as wraps, tunics and dresses. In addition, our knitwear products are decorated with accessories and embroidery to give them a unique style. Our knitting products also include the necessary accessories: blankets, scarves, shawls or hats.